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STOCKade invented the world's first pneumatic fence staplers as a way to find a solution for the problem of manually driving staples by hand. In June 2012 STOCKade released the ST400, the world first 9ga (4mm) pneumatic fencing stapler with the ability to fire a 2" barbed fence staple. The ST400 is heavy duty, built to last and designed with the contractor in mind.

The difference between pneumatic and cordless platforms really comes down to customer preference as booth the ST400i and ST400 will perform equally so it really comes down to convenience of use, if you are mostly doing maintenance and repairs with a bit of new fence each year then it is pretty hard to beat the ST400i as it is so much more convenient to just toss in your truck, quad whatever and take it out fencing, were as with the ST400 you need to load up a compressor, drag along a hose, need something to transport the compressor etc If one is always building new fence or high volume fence stapling every day the ST400 pneumatic is still a very effective and most cost efficient platform.

The ST400 is also compatible with the Power staplerInsulator Guide Attachment allowing you to easily erect an electric fence using the Extreme power staple wood post claw insulator

ST400 Pneumatic 9 gauge Fence Stapler

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