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We can bring in stock very easily on all sizes in TOPSTAR SCREWS - the adjustable screw replaces shimming and can made door hanging a ONE PERSON JOB!!!  The TopStar is designed to replace shims when leveling doors, windows and cabinets.  Use the Crown Bit to install and only the bit to re-adjust to level.


-TopStar Head, TopStar Sleeve, TopStar Reamer Thread, TopStar Tip, Crown Bit

- adjustable screw, with two moving parts in one.  An inner screw and a sleeve as a screw head

- the sleeve is free spinning on top of the screw core

- the screw can only installed with a special tool called Crown Bit, which locks both parts together

- Available in lengths of 2-1/2",  3-1/8" and 4".

SAVE TIME SAVE MONEY BUY BULK!  If you are unsure about your application or you don't see the size you need, please give us a call 780-963-6175 we will help and can order in new stock quick!

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