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The U2 Construction Screw, also known as CS Screw, is the next generation of construction screws that are replacing lag screws. The Dome Head with Talon Grip paired with the Tight Star Recess system of the U2 screw grasps the U-Bit tightly and can be easily installed with one hand. Since it is hexavalent chromium (CR6+) free, it complies with the strictest standards governing chemical substances in U-Gold
coating. It can be used for fencing-- rail and plank, professional timber construction, staircases, deck frames, rafters, trellis framing, ledger boards, joists, planter boxes, post supports, play-set structures, retaining walls, facade attachments, laminated beams, SIP panels, pole barns, concrete forms and more.

These 5/16" x 4" long screws are sold in bulk, with 400 screws per box.  Don't forget your U-BITS; this takes a T-30 fastener bit. 

U2 Construction Screw 5/16" x 4" | 400 screws

SKU: S20104000B
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