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The ST400i Cordless Fence Stapler is just as powerful as the original STOCKade Pneumatic ST400 fence stapler but is not reliant on compressors and hoses. After listening to our customers, we have engineered this tool to help you be even more efficient during the day. This cordless Fence Stapler will revolutionize stapling in the Ranch world and fencing industry.

The ST400i Cordless Fence Stapler impulse technology has outstanding power allowing you to fire up to 750 staples per fuel cell and in conjunction with the 3.7V Li-ion battery, you can fire up to 3000 staples per charge per battery. The ST400i Cordless Fence Stapler kit also comes with 2 batteries a charger included has both 110V and 12V cable provided for versatility in charging, so you will never run out of power

The ST400i has a temperature sensor built into the handle that measures ambient air temperature and the tool adjusts its fuel requirements base on that temperature. So at 5C the fuel canister is rated at 500 shots. The warmer the temperature the less fuel is needed however as the temperature becomes colder the fuel becomes less volatile more fuel is required, so be sure to save your extra fuel built up from warmer weather operations. If you do find yourself short on fuel please contact us here at FenceFast and we will make arrangements to you supply some extra. 

Like any combustion engine, the fuel does the heavy work, with the battery providing power to run the electronics, fuel dosage, fan, and of course the spark to ignite the fuel which explosion and expansion of gas is what drives the internal piston down which is attached to the driver, the driving then pushing the staple into the wooden post. The tool will always fire at the same force your depth adjustment is controlled by the tool tip, which moved all the way out will keep the staple 0.7 inch out, adjust the tip all the way in and the staple should drive hard to post, with adjustment in between and mm increments, so you can set that perfect staple depth you desire every time.

The ST400i requires an internal tool cleaning at 10,000 shots, and a complete service every 30,000 shots at a STOCKade service center (Currently FenceFast Ltd is the Service Center for Canada. This is the standard service requirements for all ITW cordless impulse engines.

This Cordless Fence Stapler is compatible with the Power Staple Insulator Guide Attachment allowing you to easily erect an electric fence by using the Extreme Power Staple Wood Post Claw Insulators (sold separately).

Impulse Technology

- Portable, no need for compressors or air lines

- Fast, high output design

- Drives up to 2 staples per second

Ergonomic Design

- Comfort for periods of high use

- Hose free for work in remote situations

Adjustable Depth of Drive

- Greater flexibility for staple placement and a superior finish

- Prevents damage to wire

Use STOCKade ST400i Cordless Fence Staples

  • Available in lengths:
    • 2” (50mm) SS4i50
    • 1 3/4” (45mm) SS4i45
    • 1 1/2” (40mm) SS4i40 

Suitable for 4.0mm Diameter Staples

Quick Clear Nose

- Less downtime if fastener jams occur

Top Load Magazine

- Easy and fast re-loading

- Rail protection bars

Sequential Trigger System

- Improved operator safety

V-Notch Guide and Wire Guide

- Ensures correct staple placement for improved holding power

ST400i STOCKade Impulse Cordless 9 Ga Fence Stapler

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