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STOCKade invented the world's first pneumatic fence staple guns  as a way to find a solution to the problem of manually driving staples by hand. In June 2012, STOCKade released the ST400, the world's first 9ga (4mm) pneumatic fencing stapler that can fire a 2" barbed fence staple. The ST400 is heavy-duty, built to last and designed with the contractor in mind.


The difference between pneumatic and cordless platforms comes down to customer preference as both the ST400i and ST400 will perform equally, so it ultimately boils down to the convenience of use; if you are mostly doing maintenance and repairs with a bit of new fence each year, then it is pretty hard to beat the ST400i as it is so much more convenient to toss in your truck, quad whatever and take it out fencing, were as with the ST400 you need to load up a compressor, drag along a hose, need something to transport the compressor etc. If one is constantly building new or high-volume fence stapling daily, the ST400 pneumatic is still a very effective and cost-efficient platform.


The ST400 is also compatible with the Power Stapler Insulator Guide Attachment, allowing you to quickly erect an electric fence using the Extreme Power Staple wood post claw insulator.


Proven Pneumatic Technology

  • Adjustable power for high density timber
  • Reliability for high volume fence construction

Aluminium Alloy Housing

  • Lightweight and corrosion resistant for extreme durability

Rugged Driver Blade

  • Engineered specifically for driving heavy-duty fencing staples
  • Manufactured from high impact resistant steel for long life

Use with STOCKade brand 9 Gauge, 40mm, 45mm and 50mm Length Fencing Staples

  • Ideal for heavy duty rural fencing applications
  • Uses ONLY genuine STOCKade barbed ST400 staples, specifically collated to work in conjunction with the STOCKade ST400 stapler. Any attempt to load and use non STOCKade brand collated staples may result in severe damage to the stapler that will not be covered by warranty

Staple Wire Angle Guide

  • Custom nose locates the wire for speed and reliability

Adjustable Depth of Drive

  • Precision placement to prevent damage to fence wire

Top Load Magazine

  • Fast reloading to minimize down-time

Adjustable Air Deflector

  • Deflects discharged air away from operator for improved comfort

Sequential Trigger System

  • Superior operator safety

Swivel coupling

  • Greater flexibility for added

STOCKade ST400 Pneumatic 9 gauge Fence Staple Gun

  • Specifications


    Product Code


    Product Size (WxHxD)

    120mm x 360mm x 390mm

    Packaged Size (WxHxD)

    135mm x 440mm x 530mm

    Tool Weight


    Packaged Weight


    Quantity Per Pack


    Cycle Rate Per Second

    3 staples per second

    Magazine Capacity

    50 staples (2 strips)

    Staple Range Length

    40mm, 45mm and 50mm / 1 1/2"", 1 3/4"" and 2""

    Staple Diameter

    4mm / 9 Gauge

    Staple Type

    Hot dipped pre-galvanised Bezinal 2000 240gm, Heavy Coat

    Collation Type

    Paper collated

    Operating Pressure

    6.2 to 8.3bar (90 to 120psi)

    Optimum Operating Pressure

    6.75 to 7.24bar (98 to 105psi Hard Timber 110 to 120)

    Noise Level

    89 to 94dB

    Air Consumption at 7bar (100psi)

    2.2 Litres / cycle

    Recommended Air Hose Fitting Diameter

    10mm (3/8 to 1/2 inch)

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