9 Gauge ST400 Pneumatic Fencing Stapler

-Air compressor required, most cost effective for contractors. Heavy duty with ability to fire 1 3/4" and 2" staples. STOCKade specialized staples required.


9 Gauge ST400i Cordless Fencing Stapler

-Cordless heavy duty stapler with ability to fire 1 3/4" and 2" staples. Battery pack powered along with a fuel cells included in staple boxes.


STOCKade Fencing Staplers

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DIY Fencing

Purchase a STOCKade Fencing Stapler to make stapling 10x faster & more efficient.

Pneumatic or Cordless

These premium power tools by STOCKade are the ultimate must-have for anyone doing any agricultural fencing. Get the ST400 Pneumatic stapler that requires an air compressor or the Cordless Impulse ST400i that is powered by a fuel cell and battery pack.